Suffolk Outlaws UK

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Suffolk Outlaws UK 

The Suffolk Outlaws Committee welcomes members and visitors to any of the scheduled club nights which are indicated on the website Club Gig Guide 2021, whether you line or partner dance, or are a non-dancer come along and either dance or just enjoy the music and soak up the atmosphere.  There no bar – so bring your own drinks but NO alcohol please. We also hold a raffle and membership draw on all club nights.  Free hot drinks are available in the breaks served in the kitchen.

If you have any questions or wish to book places for our events  please use our 'Contact Us' facility.

The Suffolk Outlaws Club will now host country music nights at Long Melford Village Hall

To all Suffolk Outlaws Members
Dear Member
The Covid 19 restrictions that came into effect in March 2020 have had a significant effect on the attendance of members at Suffolk Outlaws functions over the last 18 months and the income received has reduced. Following this downturn, your Committee had advised that, due to age and personal commitments, the existing officers would not be putting their names forward to stand again at the AGM and, unless others came forward to fulfil the roles, the Suffolk Outlaws would have to be wound up. The officers’ position has not changed, Covid 19 had made matters worse and to date no members have come forward to take on the roles. Therefore, your Committee has resolved to call an Extraordinary General Meeting at 7.00pm on 19th November 2021 at Long Melford Village Hall to vote, on the recommendation of your officers, that the Suffolk Outlaws should be wound up on 31st December 2021.
In memory of his late wife, Pauline, who urged him to continue, your Chairman Bernard Mead, ably supported by the other officers, has continued to run the Suffolk Outlaws for as long as possible, but faced with the additional factors of:-
1. Loss of the Delphi Club venue
2. Sustainability of the new venue (size of hall)
3. Reduced member attendances (loss of income)
4. Tragic loss of members since last AGM
your Committee believes that members will understand that now is the right time for your long-serving officers to step aside and for the Suffolk Outlaws to close. Subject to your agreement to this course of action, on the 19th November 2021 your officers propose that the balance of funds be used for the benefit of members and Charities by funding:-
1. A free to members Christmas Party with food on Friday 17th December 2021 (Bar applied for).
2. Free entrance for members to rest of 2021 gigs (guests to continue to pay £6).
3. Whatever funds are remaining on 31st December 2021 to be donated to charitable causes proposed by the membership.
Chairman’s Address
Treasurer’s Report
Winding up Resolution and, if agreed, approval for distribution of funds as proposed.
Any Other Business