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Event Reviews

8th September 2017

Making their annual visit to Sudbury we had the excellent Fools Gold.   Paul and Debbie are always up to date with the latest country line dance favourites, whilst including the occasional older classic dance: with a wide-ranging repertoire they are able to fit the atmosphere of a venue expertly.  Beginning with Missing, the duo included Lonely Drum, Carnival Ride, Bored, Dear Friend (and Roots for the first time), alongside the likes of Midnight Waltz and Wishful Thinking. Debbie led Heavenly Cha and they duo’d on You Ain’t Dolly, whilst Paul's great guitar playing was evident throughout.  Ted's disco was fairly up to date with requests such as; Wandering hearts, Ride Away and The Most Beautiful Girl.  A good crowd, just short of a hundred all had a great night of dancing and listening.   Many thanks to those contributing raffle prizes tonight!               John Cartlidge

22nd September 2017

With almost as many present as last time, on a mild Autumn evening, we had the excellent Amy Morgan back at The Delphi, with a good range of superbly sung songs all tailored to filling the dance floor and mixing a great combination of old favourites like Neon Moon and Ribbon of Highway with more up to date numbers like 2 Lane Highway and The Real Deal. Amy announced (almost) every dance- a great plus for dancers, and she sported a change of outfit for each set. Professional in delivery, she had asked if there were any requests when she went around in the interval, and she had been chatting on the floor before the first set. Ted's disco included the very new Hunky Dory, the much older Stitch It Up, and the very appropriately named Countryholic. Raffle proceeds tonight went to The Red Cross. The members’ prize went unclaimed again! Another great night and we look forward to Amy's return in summer 2018!                                                    John Cartlidge

Friday 13th October 2017

On a mild mid-autumn evening we had John Doherty making his first appearance in Sudbury. With his excellent voice and a very up to date set list he provided brilliant entertainment for the crowd of almost a hundred, plus committee. He opened with the very new Southern Thing (alas too new for us to dance to) but soon had the floor very busy with popular tracks that we knew and danced to like Missing and Lay Low whilst also including the occasional song targeted at listeners (like Old Soldiers). After Ted's disco which included Misty, Stitch It Up and DNTO, John's second set really filled the floor with a good variety of newer and older dances with partners generally well catered for (for example Rosa Del Mar and Closer). Ted's second brief disco session included Alan Gregory's Mexican Cantina before the raffle and announcements. (The quartet of committee members present had to work very hard having been "abandoned" by the other four.) John's final set kept up the pace, with at least a dozen songs in each set. He is the Real Deal and a Countryholic with Roots in the right Places. All too soon the evening was over: we hope to see John again very soon in Sudbury.                                                                                                                                                John Cartlidge

27th October 2017 - Hallowe'en Party

For our Halloween evening we had The Storms, with well over one hundred present. The Delphi Social Club was decked with black, green and white balloons, banners and all manner of (mainly flashing) pumpkins, ghostly lights and other figures: a truly macabre sight! Many thanks to the committee and other helpers!! "TC Stompers and others" (our table) won the best Halloween table, thanks mainly to Sarah & Sean who had brought along lots of decorations.  The Storms started off with Champagne Promise and were excellent as ever, with their wide variety of country music, all very danceable, they included Haunted Heart in their first set.  The first break started with costume-judging: many had made a great effort to dress up.  There were many folks who made the effort to dress up in spooky fashion. In the disco we Pretended to be Bored before the Storms came back with Old and Grey and, very appropriately, The Monster Mash in their middle set. Sarah won the door draw tonight, whilst raffle prizes evaded all those seated at the back. The last set encouraged us to Ride Away Before the Devil. The Storms really were an Inspiration to us all, but all too soon the spooky, scary evening was over!

John Cartlidge

10th November 2017

Cliff Weston and Dave Anderson gave us three brilliant sets and music carefully tailored to the preferences of this venue (and with request slips too); the duo could have been performing together for years, they were so professional.  Mainly alternating the lead, they began with Love Her for a While and This is Me Missing You;  remembering the time of year they included Old Soldiers in the first set as well. In set two I especially enjoyed The Most Beautiful Girl, Remember When with Dave`s singing and Cliff`s outstanding guitar, and the very new Hell and High Water. Ted's disco added a Lucky Touch in case we were Down on (our) Uppers and Ice Cold Corona cooled us down. The member`s prize was not claimed. The last set took us to great Places and included two very new songs, Forget me Not and Things, whilst the finale Messed Up in Memphis really blew me away with Cliff`s tip-top, absolutely outstanding, guitar accompaniment. The eighty-seven present had a great evening; we look forward with great anticipation to their return. I cannot remember a better pair of musicians: there`s "many a good tune played on an old guitar." (Cliff did say it's unusual to work with someone who’s been in the business longer than him!)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               John Cartlidge

24th November 2017

On a cold late autumn night we started on a very sad note with a minute`s silence for Clive Smith, a well known figure in the local dancing community, who died earlier this month, our sincere condolences go to his widow Susan.  

Our entertainment, Nikky and Darren, aka Calico, kept us all very busy on the dance floor. Nikky has an infectious enthusiasm, whilst Darren`s guitar playing complemented their singing brilliantly, and as ever they sang an excellent variety of songs old and new entertaining over a hundred present. Opening with Ribbon of  Highway Calico included Dizzy, Lay Low and Big Blue Tree in set one.   I especially enjoyed Ticket to the Blues.   After Ted`s disco playing tracks including Ride Away and Roots, the second set Tempted us to dance Closer and included the newer Love Remains and older Patient Heart.  After the announcements and raffle, with Sue winning a raffle, a non-member won the door draw, but the members prize was again not claimed. In the final set we had mostly all up to date numbers including Perfect, Funky Sole and for their finale, Lonely Drum.  A great night for dancers!  With new blinds the venue has been brightened up considerably.  The club's warm country atmosphere contrasted  with the frosty scene which greeted us as we left the Delphi at the end of another great night!                                                                 John Cartlidge

22nd December - Christmas Party Night

For our Christmas party this year we had the excellent guitarist Rob Childs, (in place of Lass Vegas - as Maria was unwell).  With an early start over 120 dancers & guests had a brilliant night with a great variety of songs, Rob regularly changed from one guitar to another showing his musical skills, encouraging us to Ride Away but reminding us that we were Countryholics to our Roots in the first set. The special Christmas drinks raffles were won by Kim and Bryan, before Ted played A Country High and Ice Cold Corona.  Rob's second set began with Corn Don't Grow and included Drinkin' Problem and Memphis Love, before he announced his engagement earlier that week to the lovely Izzie Archer, who was in the audience, pre-empting his announcement by singing The Most Beautiful Girl in the World and finished the set with Gypsy Queen. In the special seasonal raffle Janet won a Rudolf the Reindeer planter donated by Victorian John, Andee won the special door draw, a bottle of Prosecco, and Sean won the members prize of £10. The Sible Sundowners had dressed up as Victorian gentle folk complete with bonnets and top hats and were given a special prize for their efforts. Alison announced the answers to the Big Country Fun Christmas Quiz, which had kept many busy during the evening: racey, Trish, The Crazy Chicks, The Taylor trio and the "Stuart four" deserve special mention for their (all) correct answers first. Rob began his final set with a festive chicken hat (well it kept his head warm) before including Love Trip, Champagne Promise and his second rendition of Louisiana Way. A great night for everyone for our last club night of 2017: we were all Thinking Country, as well as Christmas.                                                                                                                                 John Cartlidge