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Event Reviews 2018

Friday 21st December 2018

For our Christmas Party we had the ever-reliable Stone Cold Country,  Ray and Steve, with a good variety of songs-mainly older classics or numbers less often heard but with an appropriate dance recommendation. (This often brings a "Marmite" moment to the floor: some love to dance to different pieces of music, but equally others are less than enthusiastic.) The crowd of well over eighty including committee - a rival Christmas Party dance night was also free to members, and some attend both clubs whose nights do not normally clash for the rest of the year- had plenty to dance  or listen to if they wished. I especially enjoyed Ride Away and Do a Little Life as well as dancing Shania's Moment to Walk in the Room or Just a Kiss to Cal lMe When it's Over. Louise, standing in for Ted for the next three months, backed the due very well, including Hooked on Country, Poor Boy Shuffle and the very new Graffiti. Our usual special drinks raffle prizes , consisting of three ample collections of alcohol, and with any profits going to Help the Heroes, were won by Val, Sue and Mary. The main raffle, again with loads of alcohol, had over one hundred pounds worth of prizes too.  Stuart won the door draw - available only to the eight non-members attending, since members came in free; but the membership of £20 was unclaimed. The committee (and other helpers too) had worked very hard in setting out the hall with chocolates on the tabled and a great variety of cakes, mince pies of cheesecakes available - all included in the entry.  We also had a country music quiz with Cherie winning first prize - there was only one prize. In the final set the duo were well into the Christmas spirit including Walking in a Winter Wonderland and I'am Dreaming of a White Christmas. A lovely evening for lovers of country music and/or cake.

Friday 7th December 2018

After three `Christmasy` songs from Ted by way of seasonal introduction, Stubby began his first set at 7.45-our usual live-music starting time. (In fact he was ready and poised well before this). Throughout he was excellent vocally and genial in his introductions and links. Beginning with the still-popular Old & Grey he kept the floor busy most of the time, with partner dancers well suited as they circled and sometimes outnumbered the line dancers. (No, it wasn't Indians surrounding the Cowboys.) Most People were Good dancers and few were Missing from the floor in set one. After the main disco session, Stubby's second set included Pack a Suitcase, Drinking Problem and Out of Sight. Following the "Alison & Bernie show" (aka raffle and announcements) Stubby's final set saw The Cowboy Ride Away. Overall we had a great selection of varied country songs: listening was a delight; dancing even better!  My favourites from the whole evening were Moonshadow Road and The Breeze. I Imagine That we'll see Stubby again soon in Sudbury. The eighty  or so present had a great night.        John

Friday 23rd November 2018

Donna Wylde was our entertainment tonight; she had a very good voice and a pleasing stage presence. With an excellent mix of older and newer dances she delighted the crowd of over a hundred, plus committee. Offering at the start to do requests she began with Ride Away, always very popular, and kept the floor very busy for almost every song. Partners were especially well catered for: there were often over a dozen pairs and fourteen pairs for Out of Sight; at one point  over thirty partners outnumbered the line dancers with, on my count, exactly sixty on the floor all together. I especially enjoyed Patient Heart, Hot Tamales and Ice Cold Corona, and I had to squeeze on to the floor at the back for Thank You, which brought the greatest number of line dancers on to the floor.  Ted backed Donna extremely well including Derailed, I got this Too and Get it Right; he does play the same Damn Things!!!  Partner-dancing Linda won the members prize of £20 tonight.Following this we had a protracted, but hilarious, Charity Raffle of a cushion featuring a picture of Cliff Richard; the bidding, mainly between Sheila (of Men in Black) and line-and-partner-dancing Linda - not the same Linda - went up erratically till Sheila eventually clinched the cushion with an amazing bid of £31.The evening went by in a flash. Well after the usual finishing time (Donna's last set was delayed by the auction) Donna was doing finales of Roots and Hillbilly Shoes. A great evening! Then out into the cold damp air.     John

Friday 9th November 2018

They Call Us Outlaws as usual immediately preceded our live singer tonight. This track was sung by Clancy, a four-piece band dating from the late 1980s and Clancy had donated to the Club in 1988 our main advertising board, which we still use on Club Nights on the stairs as you enter the building. Clancy were then Rod McClane, lead singer, Carrie St John, bass guitar, Lee Resterick, lead guitar and Alan Kay on drums. (The tract features on their 1990 album Outlaws and Angels) 30 years of continuity!! Back to the live music: Kay D was our singer tonight: excellent clear voice and great music selection that kept the floor busy almost all the time, with a warm charming personality too. With considerable competition from a rival weekend event one county away in Norfolk, we were delighted with a crowd of over 80 dancers and listeners, mostly members. As ever the first tract set the scene: Ribbon of Highway sung superbly. In a packed three sets I especially enjoyed What'll Keep me Out of Heaven, Most People are Good and This is me Missing you but every track was a "Dlight" and the evening flew by. Ted backed Kay D brilliantly, as ever, so that by the end of the evening we had had four dozen songs as well as Clancy's intro. Kay D is scheduled to return in 54 weeks time; it will seem a long wait! Well before that though we have our Christmas Party Night: free to members. When is it? Just before Christmas ! 

Friday 26th October 2018

At the start Bernie announced a minute's silence for founder-member, Len Suttenwood, who sadly passed away this month: he was well known to many especially since he taught many current dance teachers (and others) over two decades ago. With a Halloween theme the hall looked great, very appropriately decked out with black and white balloons and all manner of banners,  decorations and lights. Quite a few people had entered into the spirit and dressed for the occasion. (Tonight was advertised as "dress optional" but everyone I saw choose to wear clothing.) John Doherty, tonight's singer, was superb with a great variety of mainly more recent but very popular dance hits, keeping the floor very busy and catering for all dancers. Beginning with Missing and ending over three hours later with Ride Away he included newer dances like Beeswing and Get it Right alongside occasional old favourites like Just to See You Smile and he certainly packed in lots of songs! (His full playlist is in his website) Ted's disco included the very new but already popular Waves of Love and Thank You, a dance recently written as a tribute to Gary Perkins. In the second interval Halloween costumes were judged: Casper won first prize, and a  blood thirsty Bride and Mummy second, a cat third and a witch fourth. Unfortunately several others who had dressed up were too "shy" to come forward for judgement. (Perhaps they felt the fear of god??) With over 120 present including committee and non members, it was a busy, brilliant evening. We will welcome John back in the middle of next October for more great listening and dancing

Friday 12th October 2018

Making a very welcome return to Sudbury, Chris Harris, well-dressed and in good form, was our evening entertainment. Bernie said he "sung his socks off". Bernie is a founder member of the club and has been chairman for at least two decades. Peter, vice chairman, has been on the committee for well over a decade along with Mary, who said that she used to help out on club nights well before joining the committee. Sylvia said Chris "included a good mixture" for all dancers; the Steeds, Sylvia, John and daughter, Alison, have been on the committee for over ten years; John is now Treasurer and Alison Secretary. (Louise who joined the committee this year (and stands in for Ted if he is away) to take over the web-site was unfortunately unwell). Ted has been DJ for about 25 years, he said. Tonight he included Damm, Sangria Sun, Texas Time and Sweet Sweet Smile and in particular as a tribute to Gary Perkins his Angel on my Shoulder. Kath makes the teas and several members help with setting up and clearing up at the end. (You can view Chris's full play list on his web-site).A great evening for all in attendance. (Like some other members I was away at a country weekend at the opposite end of Suffolk) This is a non-profit making club charging only £6 for non-members. Except for the entry cost the club has moved well with the times: the committee do (usually) listen to the members' views. With an excellent spacious floor, comfy seats with a good view of the stage, bar as well as hot drinks, this very friendly country music club for listeners and (mainly) line and partner dancers is a real East-Anglian gem!

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Friday 29th September 2018

Making his debut in Sudbury as a solo artist Paul Wright was our singer this time; he was formerly the male part of Fools Gold. As ever it was great entertainment with superb songs and brilliant guitar accompaniment. Beginning with Missing we had dances old and new - with more emphasis on new and popular - and three splendid sets for line and partner dancers as well as listeners who included some welcome non-members too, in an overall crowd of about a hundred including committee. As ever Ted, who also received his birthday card tonight, backed Paul brilliantly.  Over the course of the evening I especially enjoyed Texas Time, Damn, Sweet sweet Smile, Me and My Girl, Forget me Not and Roots. Messed up in Memphis was not the only song to showcase Paul's guitar playing perfectly. Partners had much to dance to as well including She's my Baby for a barn dance.  Sue won the first raffle prize tonight (not for the first time) and Linda claimed the £30 embers' prize. The evening flew by; before we need it it was Paul's encore of Young Man's Town. We greatly look forward to his return in May next year (as a special birthday treat for Pauline). 

Friday 14th September 2018

The Storms

This evening, we were well entertained by The Storms (Rick & Ash), Ricks smile & personality fills the room, and the dance floor full for every set for the Line dancers & Partner dancers. Numbers down a little but that didn't make a difference to the evening.

Starting with a great set of both old & new dances, The Storms( Missing, Ride Away, Get It Right, Imagine That, All the Kings Horses,, Ribbon Of Highway, Troubador, Billy B Bad, Ice Cold Corona, Damn!!!, & an alternative track for The Barn Dance) Between sets Rick & Ash spoke to members of the audience and played requests in their next set. (Texas Time, Tougher Than The Rest, I Close My Eyes, Baby I'm Right, Rock & Roll Is King, Tempted, Sangria Sun, High Class Lady, Dancing The Dust, Would You go With Me, Moonshadow road) Ted played a variety of track in the breaks, Celtic Duo, Cowboy Rides Away, Where You Gonna Go, She's my baby, I got This Too, After The Storm, Bored, Memphis Love, Just A Kiss & Drinkin Problem.

The Storms third set comprised of , Some Days are Diamonds,Why Me, (Hot Tomales), Rosa Del Mar, Down on your Uppers, People Are Good, Perfect, Whiskey Bridges, I See Me, Feet Don't Fail Me Now & Countryholic, finishing with 2 encores Champagne Promise & First Fool In Line.               An overall great night had by all.                                       Written by K Poll

Friday 24th August 2018

Darren Busby returned to Sudbury nearly a year and a half since his previous visit to entertain a good crowd of over a hundred plus committee. With his excellent voice and carefully chosen songs it was a brilliant night for everyone present. Although he started with three songs sung last time two thirds of his selection represented a change since last year! he is up to date and generally knows what suits his audience but will ask, if unsure, whether a new dance has reached our area yet. All the King's Horses, People are Good, Roots and Texas Time were some of his newer songs, while I especially enjoyed Loved Too Much an his Kenny Rogers medley as well as It's All Good (Toby Keith) for which he recommended Places. Louise, in Ted's absence, gave us very old and very new; for example Poor Boy Shuffle, Rumba Ride and Get it Right. (I couldn’t remember Mack the Knife; I was cut up about that)! Darren sang Happy Birthday for John Bonner, whilst very many received birthday cards tonight - we have a three week gap till next time. The member's prize went unclaimed) Darren had a bucket for his charity on stage: he is doing an extended bike ride every Bank Holiday Monday. As he often does he finished with Invisible as a duet with Terry (his dad), which he certainly is not. We look forward to his return to the Delphi very soon.          J Cartlidge

Friday 10th August 2018

The Ray Peters Duo returned to Sudbury almost exactly six months since Ray was here last time; replacing the originally booked duo he was accompanied by Ray Phillips, as Andy Kingston, here in February, had a bad back. Ray Peters provided excellent vocals whilst the other Ray was on lead guitar or, most of the time, on his Sheffield DB2 steel guitar: the result brilliant. We had a great variety of well-chosen and highly appropriate songs including new and old favourites and others: for example Wishful Thinking, first up, Cheap Talk, and Ride Away, which kicked off the final set. I especially liked doing Missing to Please Help me I'm Falling and Stitch it Up to Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down, but almost all tracks were to dedicated line dances. We had two dozen partner dancers for First Fool in Line and about as many line dancers, so that the crowd of over ninety (including committee) had lots of dancing and listening opportunities - with the floor always busy. Ted's disco included Things, Texas Time and Troubadour, "suiting him to a T". Ian won the first raffle prize; Daphne chose three bottles of beer.  Christine, "who had never won before in twenty years of regular attendance," won the £20 members' prize tonight - perhaps the next wait won't be as long!  A superb Sudbury night. We eagerly look forward to Ray Peters (and another) returning next spring!                   John

Friday 27th July

"Keep clapping (for Tony Crooks)! While we're getting organised I'll leave you with Ted." So said Bernie at exactly 9.45 at the end of Tony's excellent second set.On a sweltering night and with lots of (electric) fans keeping us (slightly) cooler Tony had began with Billy Be Bad and had given us a brilliant two sets with some emphasis at first on slower numbers to help us cope with the weather. But just as Tony was concluding his first set we had an unusual phenomenon - certainly for this summer - rain, and a drop in temperature meant Things got better and we could enjoy dancing to Get it Right, 2 Lane Highway, Forget me Not and Texas Time.9.45 marked the middle of tonight's lunar eclipse and Ted play Mr Man in the Moon and (later) Moonshadow Road to mark this, but unfortunately the thunder and lightening brought with it 100% cloud cover, so we saw nothing astronomically significant.At 9.55 Christine won first prize in the raffle: an ornamental garden bee (that "be" a good one), whilst Kalvin won the door draw,  having taken an age to find his ticket in his back pocket; the members' prize was unclaimed and rolls over to next time.After multiple announcements and "clubs in" Tony began his final set with All the Kings Horses followed by Messed Up in Memphis showcasing skilled spectacular guitarwork at the end followed by a well deserved long round of applause and then Places recommended for A Perfect Picture.Three great sets with gentle humour between songs provided wonderful entertainment for a crowd of over 90 including committee: good numbers attending and great numbers to listen and dance to with Line and Partner Dancers well-suited and some welcome visitors tonight too.  Sudbury really is the place to be on mainly the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month; see our new website for Gig Guide and more!       John

Friday 13th July 2018

George Senior, George (now not so) Junior, son, and Ryan, grandson, returned to Sudbury for the first time in well over a decade. A good crowd of well over a hundred (including some non-members), plus committee, many in red, white and blue to celebrate something American (Was it Independence Day or a certain Presidential visit to this  country today?) had a brilliant might of dancing and listening. Three family members harmonise to superb effect with (the younger) George and Ryan taking the leads and all three on guitar; always ready and eager to go they set an outstanding professional example. The floor was almost always very busy with lots of old favourites interspersed with the occasional new song like Lonely Drum and Missing. I especially enjoyed Where Corn Don't Grow, The Cowboy Rides Away and Fast as You, but best of all was the mainly Scottish medley for which they recommended Hooked on Country; I have never danced to Donald Where's Your Troosers before, nor did I ever expect to! Ted backed the trio terrifically: I Got This To, I Close My Eyes and Ice Cold Corona, for example.We had a charity raffle tonight for Help the Heroes; Derek, who always buys lots of tickets, won first prize and another later; Roy won the door draw and the members' prize was claimed by a very surprised Doreen W. Alison circulated with the bucket for further donations for Help the Heroes, so that with a further top up of nearly £200 from the club we are able to donate £500 all told. Texas Gun had given up travelling and we had given up hope of hosting them, but they are now back on the road and, by George, we will look forward to their next visit to Sudbury for another night to remember for all the best reasons

Friday 15th June 2018

For our entertainment on a warm summer's evening we had Paul & Debbie Weston, aka Streamline. We had old and new songs, with several less commonly heard numbers accompanied by an appropriate dance recommendation for example a Nancy Griffiths' song for Ribbon Of Highway.  Partner dancers were very well catered for: there were twelve pairs up for Most People are Good which Karen & Nigel have written a partner dance to.  We had slower songs like First Fool in Line and faster numbers like C'est La Vie. I especially enjoyed Debbie's It's Up to You and Commitment and Paul's "Brummie" Before the Devil and his "emotional" All the King's Horses, and I was delightfully surprised to dance to Loved Too Much. The music selection got better and better as the evening progressed; the duo were always ready to start each set promptly, but I would have preferred it if they had not left so many of their best songs till the last set, when quite a few had gone home, but we were never Bored with Things; we certainly needed an Ice Cold Corona and we were not Missing our Roots.   Birthdays included John P and June, while Yvonne scooped the members' prize of £30.  It was lovely to see a few visitors tonight, augmenting the attendance to nearly  a hundred ( including the committee). A great night with Remember When a very appropriate finale and, like the rest, brilliantly sung. The Delphi really is the place to be.              John Cartlidge

Friday 25th May 2018

Before the live music began Bernie sadly announced that Norman Wilson, a listening member, had passed away and we held a minute's silence in his memory. Live music was provided by Steve and John, now together for 25 years, aka the excellent Rancher duo with their brilliant mix of newer and

classic songs - with plenty of the most popular new songs included. Over the course of the entire evening we had nearly fifty songs including Louise's disco, with the floor busy for almost every one and to the delight of the attendance of nearly 100. Steve's enthusiastic energy seems to spread through the whole venue. We had Steve's English version of I Close My Eyes, Whiskey Under the Bridge, The Dance, and Troubadour alongside Mercury Blues, All Night Long and Billy Be Bad, but over two thirds were more recent dance hits. I especially enjoyed Dance Her Home, People are Good, Mr Mom and Derailed, with Louise G mixing old and new very well too. Birthdays included those of Mary, Daphne, John, Brian, Marian, Amanda, Colin, Rita and Barry. The member's prize was not claimed but Ginnie an occasional welcome visitor won the door draw. It was a great atmosphere, as warm as the evening weather. All too soon Rancher sang their encore Champagne Promise, but Bernie had promised that they will be back for our AGM meeting at the start of the new year.    John Cartlidge

Friday 11th May 2018

We had an excellent attendance of over 130, including committee, for the dashing Daniel Berry with his superb selection of line dance favourites old and new in roughly equal proportions. Daniel is very keen and energetic, catering well for all types of dancers. From his opening Telepathy to his finale I Just want to dance with you the floor was always very busy. More recent dance songs included Lonely Drum, Missing and Forget me Not. Ted's disco complimented Daniel very well. I especially enjoyed dancing to Daniel's Love Trip and Same Thing Happened To Me as well as Celtic Duo, Side by Side, I got this Too and the Cowboy Rides Away. Derek won two prizes in the raffle, whilst Cherie won a chair. We had a great time in this excellent venue: plenty of room in spite of a bumper attendance. Having a good floor, comfy seats, a bar and teas and coffees usually provided by Kath helps, but most of all it's the great country welcome. (We also have ample parking and clean toilets) All roads lead to Sudbury on alternate Friday nights - see What's on 2018 page for details.            John Cartlidge

Friday 27th April 2018

Steve Cherelle made a welcome return to the Delphi, just over three years since his previous appearance. We had the usual three sets of old favourites like Inspiration, mainly the same as last time, but with a few even older, old favourites in the mix like Vertical Expressions. The floor was often busy with partners well catered for too, but dance wise some songs required a very good long term memory. Even so some of us found a dance to do and there were often several different dances on the floor at the same time. Steve introduced most dances and wasted little time - giving us plenty to listen to. Although numbers were down tonight this was mainly due to competing weekend events, and there were at times the best part of fifty on the floor altogether for songs like Cheap Talk, Triple Mix and This is Me. I especially enjoyed Is it Friday yet? Just Right, Knee Deep and listening to The Shoebox. Ted's disco gave us the chance to do more recent dances like Whiskey Bridges, Bored, Lonely Drum and I Got this Too; the disco is always a highlight and for some the best part of the evening!. Derek won the first raffle prize and another one too, while Jill won the door draw. It was nice to see Bernie back - and without his hat! Overall an interesting evening.              John Cartlidge

Friday 13th April 2018

Its Spring time , Kevin Barry made a most welcome return to Sudbury and was on top form with his usual excellent mix of songs old and new. The floor was usually busy for both line and partner dancers, whether it was a dedicated dance song or we found a dance to his music.   We reprised a few older dances like Easy Come, Easy Go especially in the first set, but almost two thirds of his songs were dedicated line dance tracks including Missing, Lay Low, Champagne Promise and Gypsy Queen - alongside older songs like Fields of Gold, Billy be Bad and Wagon Wheel. I especially enjoyed his "banjo" songs like The Belle of Liverpool and Galway Girl and his Cowboy Rides Away sung on special request as there is a new dance to it. Ted also made a welcome return to the Delphi, as usual giving us brilliant country disco backing including Whiskey Bridges, Derailed, and Troubadour to keep dancers enjoyably busy. Birthday's cards included Sean's 50th.  Sue won the first raffle prize and Pinky picked up two prizes. A non-member won the door draw: we usually have plenty of non-members for Kevin - in an overall crowd of nearly one hundred, plus committee. Sandra won the £50 members prize tonight. A brilliant evening: Kevin is always excellent value and full of enthusiasm, spurred on perhaps by warm applause. All to soon it was his encore Penny Arcade: he's worth a  more than coppers!     John Cartlidge

23rd March 2018 - The Thrillbillies

Exactly 50 weeks since their previous appearance we welcomed The Thrillbillies back to the Delphi. The new slim-line Ed and ever jovial Dave were in fine fettle and on top form to entertain a good crowd of nearly 90, plus committee (several members were on a weekend dancing event or were unwell). Both are very good singers and Dave's musicianship is not to be underestimated. From their opening Love Her For A While the duo had the floor busy for almost all songs with partners well catered for as well. Ed and Dave actively encourage requests and give out request slips. I especially enjoyed Where We've Been brilliantly sung by Dave and almost  filling the floor and Gently On My Mind: in fact they played all of my five requests over the evening. Their version of Tempted is still as amusing as ever: risqué rather than actually rude. The duo are well up to date, including Lonely Drum, All The King's Horses, Ride Away and Things in their three superb sets, alongside some old favourites and "alternative" songs with good dance recommendations for each one.  Louise G's disco backed the duo really well with old and new- at least fifteen tracks in total. On a warm evening we needed to Be Strong and enjoyed an Ice Cold Corona. Tonight the usual announcements included a very special one for Jill's Emerald Anniversary. The members' prize was not won, so its £50 next time and has to be won. For a great country night out the Delphi delivers delightfully.                      John Cartlidge

9th March 2018 - Trey Jackson

Making a welcome appearance at The Delphi we welcomed Trey Jackson, younger than most of our singers and from "up north" somewhere. With his excellent vocals and great musical choice he gave us an outstanding night with both line and partner dancers well catered for. I especially liked his Forever And Ever Amen ( Ribbon Of Highway for most dancers) and Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde, for which he recommended Gypsy Queen. Very up to date he included All The King's Horses and People Are Good - fast becoming very popular - a Luke Bryan track.  His Johnny Cash 

medley was very good to dance to or just listen to. And we had plenty of old favourites like Memphis Love, Places and Lay Low.  Louise's disco kept the dance floor busy too - with a few gentle reminders of the steps sometimes for those a little rusty or fairly new to line dancing: a great help and encouragement for some. She included Pull You Through, showcased at the Crystal Boots Awards this year and already proving very popular.  In the raffle Sue win the first fruity prize, nicely boxed up, whilst Christine won the last prize (to light her way?). The members prize was rolled over.  As well as the usual birthday cards and announcements we had a very special presentation for Brian & Rita's 55th Wedding Anniversary. A wonderful night: Water Off A Duck's Back was more appropriate than No More Cloudy Days as we drove home on the very wet roads.  The Delphi is the place to be for great country music and a very warm welcome!         John Cartlidge

23rd February 2018 - Bob Keeley

On a very chilly wintry night we had Mr Bob Keeley, cheerful as ever and in excellent voice, to warm us up with his usual variety of great country music. Over the course of the evening with the floor very busy we had some older songs like Smokey Places and Memphis Love, and much newer dances like Forget me Not and All the King's Horses. I especially enjoyed Things, Dream Lover, I See Me, What's Your Name, Wandering Hearts and No More Cloudy Days. Louise G's disco is always a highlight with her mixture of old and modern (including requests of course).  All the winning raffle tickets were blue and green tonight and Hetty was lucky twice! The members' prize was not won tonight. There were of course several birthday cards to give out; Doreen's name had the loudest cheer - from the rowdy lot at the back. Many renewed their membership: a sound financial investment for country music enthusiasts.  By the end of the night we were Dizzy, possibly longing for another Ice Cold Corona, but we had to Be Strong, even if many of us are Old & Grey (Blue Ain't your (hair) Colour generally). This venue has excellent dancing and listening opportunities.   Bob is running the London Marathon this year with his partner in crime Peter Stothard (Texas Tornados) and during the evening we passed their charity bucket around the room and most folks gave generously, many thanks to those who contributed.    John Cartlidge

9th February 2018 - The Ray Peters Duo.

It was very pleasing to see so many keen members, most dressed in red for Valentine's, turn out on such a cold winter’s night for Membership renewal plus new members. I think we were all quite impressed with the two guys on stage i.e. the very versatile Ray Peters and Andy Twang aka The Ray Peters Duo. 

For many it was the first time they had seen them, particularly as some had thought they only played older traditional material. we were treated to a good variety of really up to date Line and Couples dance songs mixed with occasional older ones, which kept the floor very busy for most of the night.  Some of the tracks played throughout the evening included: Lovin’ All Night, Ride With Me, Please Help Me I’m Falling,  Adelida, Love Her For A While and Imagine That. High Class Lady, Rosa Del Mar, Champagne Promise, Gypsy Queen, Old And Grey, Countryholic. Ice Cold Corona a floor split with Pack a Suitcase, and Caught In The Act.  Before the third set we were all introduced to Phillip Goodyear of the Delphi Users Management Team, who are primarily responsible for the latest improvements to The Delphi Centre i.e. new window blinds and a fresh coat of paint to some areas.  Phillip spoke about the intentions of the Management Team and gave a brief update on the up and coming plans to promote the venue for the foreseeable future.  This was very well received by those present.  The Ray Peters Duo were welcomed back on stage for the third and final set and they continued to entertain us with numbers such as Where Corn Don’t Grow, Lay Low, Back In Your Arms, Just loving You and Messed Up In Memphis concluding with a finale of Love Me Tonight and Galway Girl. All in all, a great night of country music and entertainment.                  David Glanvill (In the absence of John Cartlidge)

26th January 2018 - Martin Jaye

Returning to Sudbury almost six months to the day since his last visit, Martin Jaye entertained us tonight with his superb selection of music and entertained all the dancers. Right from the off, partners were very busy with up to fourteen pairs for many songs like Same Thing Happened To Me and Heaven In My Women's Eyes.  With line dancers too there were often over seventy on the floor from a total attendance of over one hundred.  Very up to date he included Start Over, There's No Getting Over Me and Lonely Drum alongside new dance floor classics like Places.  With quick but friendly links between songs he gave us good value too and the floor was almost always nearly full.  Louise G's disco included Bored, Long Way Home and the very new Troubadour by Karl Harry Winson (to George Strait's song). Ray and Hetty won a special mega jackpot of £50 in a fundraiser for Lennox Children's Cancer Charity.   Bernie announced some forthcoming improvements to the Hall: he "painted" a very pleasing picture.   As we look forward to warmer weather we should be mindful of the warm country atmosphere at The Delphi with its great, and now improving, facilities and environment: bar, hot drinks, large wooden sprung floor, comfy chairs, good viewing and acoustics, but above all great country music.                                                                                                                                                                                                       John Cartlidge

12th January 2018 - AGM & Chris Mezza

This was our first evening back at Suffolk Outlaws in 2018.   We started with the AGM during which the accounts were agreed and the nominated charity for the year to be kept as before, apologies for absences acknowledged and thanks given to all who had helped throughout 2017.   Louise G was voted onto the committee. 
Following the A.G.M - we had the ever reliable "Mr Nice Guy", Chris Mezza, whose good vocals and great music selection are supported by his excellent guitar work. Beginning with Lay Low he included Love her for a While and Closer in the first set. Louise's disco began with Ride Away and included the very new All the King's Horses, brilliant to dance to or listen to as well as Wave on Wave and Remember When; as with Chris's songs the floor was very busy for every track. Chris's second set started with Missing and included Old & Grey, Dancing the Dust and Roots. Birthdays included Norman's; he also won two raffle prizes (the second collected by Barbara). Pauline won the member's prize of £10 to her delight tonight, (you have to be present to collect).Chris's final set was just as varied but still of the best quality with highlights being Where Corn don't Grow, Billy be Bad and Seven Nights to Rock. A superb start to the year for the total attendance of 120, with the floor always busy.  
John Cartlidge