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Event Reviews 2019

Friday 20th December 2019

After a brief introductory disco session from Louise, making a very welcome return to Sudbury almost exactly fourteen years since their last appearance here, also for our Christmas party, we welcomed back The Westcoasters: Mike, introducer, singer and keyboard player, Pete, lead guitarist and backing vocals and the irrepressible Steve, brilliant lead singer, line dancer and occasional  puppeteer.  Mixing an excellent range of older and still popular songs with a few newer songs like Codigo and Missing they included a handful of Christmas numbers and a couple of slower tracks: something for everyone.  The crowd of about a hundred listened and danced: I counted sixteen pairs of partner dancers for Down Louisiana Way and line dancers danced delightedly to most songs.  Steve often dances amongst the line dancers on the floor or does a mirror image line dance on stage; during Tempted he managed to avoid dropping his woolly partner.  All three performed with professional enthusiasm and energy.  I especially enjoyed Country Down to my Soul, Why Me and Dance the Night Away, whilst Past the Point of Rescue and Messed up in Memphis showcased Pete's perfect guitar-play.  We had food, mainly desserts, in the first interval - many thanks to Peter & Mary for organising this - as well as the special drinks raffle, organised by Peter, with £77 profit going to Help the Heroes, prizes being won by Helen P (collected by Karen P on her behalf), Kim R and Gary F.  In the second interval The Westcoasters judged the fancy dress: three red and White toy soldiers were "Taylor-made" for first prize, Janet P's Elf came second, whilst two wise men (the wisdom was only Wishful Thinking) came a very worthy third. Tony won the members prize of £20 tonight.  During the final set a net of balloons was released on to the floor with three £5 token hidden inside. I was bursting to find one but failed!  Baby I'm Right finished the evening - The Real Deal perfectly describes this excellent trio. Many thanks to all the committee (and any other helpers) for all their efforts on this and other nights throughout the year.   John C

Friday 6th December 2019

Streamline, aka Paul and Debbie Weston, provided our entertainment tonight, with an excellent variety of music suited to everyone.  Beginning with Things the duo were soon in the seasonal spirit with Driving Home for Christmas, before reverting to line dance hits that were also good to listen  or partner dance to (there were regularly ten pairs of partners on the floor).  After Ted's excellent disco slot, Streamline's second set suddenly became Urban (Keith, that is) with Somebody Like You and Texas Time. Highlights for me this set were Young Man's Town and Loved Too Much, in a set that kept many on the floor. After a good raffle Gaynor won the door draw, but the members’ prize was unclaimed.  The final set included This is Me, Veil of Tears and (especially for Sean) Church on Cumberland Road.  Numbers were lower tonight, mainly because of a competing Christmas party, but those present had a great time in this lovely, friendly club, with Paul and Debbie making a great effort on our behalf. All too soon it was their finale.                                                              John Cartlidge

Friday 22nd November 2019

Nicci and Darren, aka Calico, performed tonight in Sudbury, always an interesting and slightly different duo, providing excellent line dancing with a brilliant mixture of much newer songs and older classics. Beginning with Scooter Lee's Ribbon of Highway, and usually alternating lead vocals, the duo included Dizzy, Lonely Drum, Lay Low and Patient Heart in the first set. Ted's disco continued the chance to dance and listen, before the second set, commencing with Billy Be Bad, included a Better Man, remember when and closer within a packed program of 13 songs. In the interval the raffle provided lots of prizes as usual: Daphne won some shortbread, Jenny cheesy biscuits, whilst Gilly and June both choose bottles of wine, Jenny, same one, won the door draw and Patricia the members prize. Alison then made a special presentation to John and Sylvia, her parents, (and all three  being committee members ) on their impending Emerald Anniversary: committed for fifty five years and "committeed" for over a decade too. Bernie announced details of the special  drinks raffle to be drawn at the Christmas Party ( raffle profits go to charity) before introducing the final set where we were Tempted to Ride Away on All the King's Horses. As with all dances I try to Get it Right, but Damn! sometimes my legs are too tired. A pity it's not always Texas Time; all too soon it was Just a Memory. (These were all in the final set) Kalvin described it as another great night at Suffolk Outlaws with the floor full all night and he added, "As always a big thank you to the committee for all the hard work; we really do appreciate it and look forward to our club night)." Carol said it was an absolutely brilliant night; she commented, "Great company and lovely to see friends I hadn't seen for a while." For effort enthusiasm and fun Calico are hard to beat.                               John

Friday 8th Nov 2019

We welcomed Donna Wylde back to Sudbury exactly fifty weeks after her previous visit, and we had an excellent night of entertainment with dancers and listeners delighted. After Ted's brief initial disco session, which began with Old Soldiers, this being Remembrance Weekend, Donna began with Past the Point of Rescue and Whiskey Bridges and included plenty of variety in her first set to suit dancers of all kinds - I counted a good 40 partners for Down Louisiana Way. The second set was equally varied including Missing, Telepathy and Here Comes my Baby which really filled the floor. In the second interval Bernie announced that the Christmas Party will be free to members again, with a bargain £6 entry for non members, to see the Westcoasters ,back in Sudbury again after, possibly a decade. The final set kept up the high standard with Old & Grey and Ride Away, alongside Forget Me Not and Most People are Good.  Donna had had a long journey from Yorkshire: we certainly felt it was well worth the time. A great night again. A warm country welcome awaits everyone at this excellent venue.        John

Friday 11th October 2019

On stage this evening the 11th of October, we had a very smart young man by the name of John Doherty. Several people were missing as there was two big events on at the same time, so it was appropriate that John started with Missing! Weather wasn’t great either with strong winds and rain. John kept the floor moving all night with line and partner dancing, intermingled with Ted's disco. A member of Men in Black won the first draw prize, with birthday boy John Steed winning the last one. Mary would have won the members' prize but unfortunately she had fallen down a rabbit hole so had a poorly ankle: get well soon to all members who were unwell. Brian won the door draw prize, good to see him back after a serious operation. John started the last set of the evening with She’s my Baby for a barn dance, which filled the floor, ending with an encore of Gary Perkins Thank You, so thank you John for a great evening and hope you had a safe journey home to Nottingham.                                    John Cartlidge

Friday 27th September 2019

Texas Gun provided our entertainment tonight .This was the first gig for George Senior since his illness; he started seated but soon reverted to standing and was on good form as ever. George Junior's  excellent, powerful voice these days provides the extra special element that Texas Gun bring to a gig, allied of course to some very good guitar playing from both of them. Knowledgeable about line dance favourites, they mixed classic songs with more recent hits in all three sets: for example Mister Man in the Moon and Neon Moon were followed by Old and Grey, Texas Time and Things at the end of set one. I especially liked George Junior's guitar playing in songs like The Dance and This is Me. They react very well with the audience, of course. Ted backed the duo brilliantly as ever, again mixing popular newer tracks with some old favourites.  Birthdays included T lady Kath, June, Martin S, Ted M and Christine H. I won three bottles of beer in the raffle and also the member's draw - my lucky night. A good crowd of exactly a hundred, if you include non-members committee, bar staff, Lilly-Ann (under 14's go free) and both Georges, all had a brilliant night. The Delphi is the place to go: over three hours of brilliant country music including over two hours live on stage: great dancing and listening too.                                                                                          John Cartlidge

Friday 23rd August 

On another very warm evening we welcomed Roots & Wings, making their first appearance in Sudbury, before a good crowd of nearly a hundred in total. Kelly is an excellent lead singer whilst Michael plays lead guitar with backing vocals.  We had a superb range of songs throughout their three sets, of which my favourites songs were Suds in the Bucket, If you're Going through Hell, Remember When (where we've been) and Most people are good.   In the last set they were particularly up to date with Everybody Wanna and Oh Me Oh My Oh.  Louise, standing in tonight, did an excellent job on the disco, so that throughout the whole evening the floor was always busy with partner dancers not being forgotten either.    Birthdays included John B , Sheila, Andee, John T, Beryl and Alison. Sible Sundowners won three raffle prizes, Janet E won the door draw, but the membership was not won. Bernard and Marian Back were given a special present on the occasion of their Sapphire Anniversary (It is little things like this that make the club so special in the best sense).   The duo impressed everyone: it’s great when we have such a good act that's new to the club.  It was described it as an absolutely brilliant night, others in attendance said it was another night of great dancing and added, " We do appreciate all your hard work."                            John Cartlidge

Friday 9th August 
Daniel Berry was our entertainment tonight, irrepressible as ever, and with a great selection of music targeted at all dancers and listeners. We had a very good crowd of well over a hundred on a very warm evening. Perhaps keen to improve the bar profits Daniel kept reminding us of his alcohol - related songs like Champagne Promise and Whiskey Under the Bridge.. Well up to date he included Day of the Dead, Mr Lonely, Codigo and Veil of Tears alongside many other established classics like Telepathy, his opener, and like Some Girls Will, which opened the second set. Ted's disco was even more up to date including Bonapart's Retreat and Dig Deep. The floor was busy all night, Nigel won the door draw; Valerie won the member's prize and I "bagged" a good drink  (240 drinks to be precise) in the raffle. Another great evening at the Delphi.                                                                                     John Cartlidge

Friday 26th July

In the warmest week of the year, hotter than July, Martin Jaye entertained us brilliantly with three sets of excellent country music including many very up to date dances like Day of the Dead, Lonely Blues and Graffiti and he kept going really well in the heat. It was a good night with a mix of old and new tracks. Gillian said it was very warm but thoroughly enjoyable. Carole said there was a great selection of dances and a good crowd to enjoy them. In fact the attendance of nearly a hundred exceeded expectations : we had thought the sweltering conditions might have kept more people away, but in fact the floor was almost always very busy throughout  the live music and Ted's superb disco sessions.  We had a big raffle tonight ( Pauline won a sunflower) and Ray won the member's prize of £20. Birthdays included Philip's: Martin had generously bought him a plastic zimmer frame  to help him on the floor. John S announced in the interval that the club is to make the total for Help the Heroes up to a round £1,000.  Another excellent night.                          John Cartlidge

Friday 12th July 2019

On a warm summer's eve, on a stage here in Sudbury, I met up with a great duo, who were both well keen to sing. So we took turns a looking, at the boys up on the big stage: the delight overtook us, as The Storms began their set. Well over a hundred attended tonight. The floor was always very busy, as you would expect. Club members said the Storms, Rick & Ash,  are a great line dance duo and it was a great night of dancing. Carol said it was an absolutely brilliant night as The Storms kept a good crowd busy. My favourites included Was she Spying, Dig Deep and Nothing but You. As ever Ted backed the duo brilliantly: we were never Bored and he certainly gave us a Sweet, Sweet Smile.  It was decided that all of tonight's proceeds would go to Help the Heroes so that with entrance fees, raffle profits, and contributions to the plastic bucket, we raised over £760. Another excellent night.                         John Cartlidge

Friday 28th June 2019   Tonight at the Suffolk Outlaws was Memphis Roots, with Lee Hodgson on lead and acoustic guitar, Jon Keys Drums and Clive Grant Bass. It must be twenty years since this band played at our club. We were treated to a nostalgic evening of country music from that era. It was very noticeable that the dancers were struggling, with a few starting a dance and others following. Those were the days when Black Coffee and Cannibals were the floor fillers. With excellent musicianship it was a pleasure to listen to the hits of the past but the vocals lacked lustre and clarity: in my opinion they need a front man. It was my turn to provide the music to dance to, like being in a sweet shop, not knowing which to pick. Normally I spend my time trying to find tracks that the band on stage are not going to play, very new or not so popular. But this evening I was able to pick a lot of my current favourites. Sean was very pleased to be taken back to when he was seventeen! Although he had a job to remember some of them!!! Some members said they hadn’t seen them since the nineties and their music was from around that time, but it was fun dancing some of the really old stuff. So all in all an evening full of memories.

Ted Munslow

Friday 14th June 2019

Back in Sudbury after a little break we had Chris Harris to entertain us tonight with an excellent selection of music to suit line and partner dancers and listeners too. We had quite a few visitors, some of whom were new to me, in a very good crowd of well of a hundred, plus committee. Beginning with Just to see you Smile Chris included Things, Silver Wings and Lay Low in his first set ,but I particularly enjoyed the new Mr Lonely and Toby Keith's Who's That Man. After a brilliant disco session from Ted, always a highlight at Sudbury and as ever featuring more superb country music, Chris's second set had more emphasis on classic songs like Guitars and Cadillacs, while my favourite here was Gary Allen's Smoke Rings in the Dark. The members prize was not won but lots of raffle prizes were. The third set began with Loving All Night and included First Fool in Line. I particularly enjoyed dancing well- known dances to a different piece of music with Chris's very appropriate recommendations: for example Codigo and Champagne Promise fitted very well to his tracks. The floor was almost always busy with partners well suited (over twenty pairs for Tougher Than the Rest). Another great night, a warm atmosphere on a pleasantly warm evening.  We look forward eagerly to Chris' return!                              John Cartlidge

Friday 24th May

Chris Mezza made a most welcome return to Sudbury this Bank  Holiday weekend, entertaining a crowd of over a hundred brilliantly. Chris was on top form and very up to date with his play list. Bernard described the evening as excellent; Gillian said it was a great night and Carole commented on how well Chris kept the floor full. We were lucky to have two great guitarists in the same month and I especially liked his guitar solos in lots of songs  including Out of Sight, his opener, Texas Time, and his extended version of Past the Point of Rescue in his second set. My favourite of all was Day of the Dead with (yes) another great guitar solo included. For the first set Chris wore a black shirt, for the second a black shirt with loud orange highlights and for the final set a dazzling lilac/pink shirt.  Kelvan standing in as DJ at the last minute did a great job and kept the floor busy too. John M won the members prize of £10. There were raffle prizes aplenty, but none came my way and there was a special presentation for Chris & John Bonner's 50th Wedding Anniversary. (I did get a birthday card). Before we Knew it Chris was singing his finale of Thank You and encore of Tougher Than the Rest. What a superb evening at the Delphi, Is it Friday yet ? Kelvan played this in the first disco slot..                           John

Friday 10th May 2019

Paul Wright, singing solo for the second time here, made his annual visit to Sudbury tonight to entertain a very good crowd of well over a ever three excellent sets of mainly  newer  and popular songs, and a few older classics mixed in . Starting with Whiskey Under the Bridge he included Codigo, Things and Veil of Tears in his first set. The second set began with Ride Away and included Brokenhearted and a barn dance to She's my Baby. My favourites included doing County Line to Operator, Operator and Just a Kiss to Call Me when its over. Meantime Ted  had squeezed in eight country disco songs so that the floor was almost always busy.     Birthdays included Pauline's , a special one, and Bernie's. Pauline ,the same Pauline, won the door draw, whilst Andee Evans won the Member's Prize (£20  this time).      Paul's final set began with Waves of Love and included Most People are Good and Sangria Sun. With his great voice and brilliant guitar-playing Paul is always a very popular act. He had CDs available tonight, as usual: I bought two, knowing that they are always produced to a very high quality. I have listened already to Champagne Promise: the entire CD is tip-top.!! All too soon the evening was over. We look forward to his return with eager anticipation.    John 

Friday 26th April 2019

On a nice Spring evening we had, making their usual annual visit to Sudbury, Dave & Ed, The Thrillbillies. Both had colds, so that they selected their songs carefully to avoid over-extending their vocal chords: Ed said Dave was a little horse (but I could not see any difference in his appearance). Did he mean HOARSE?  Carol said that despite their both having colds they sounded good and kept us dancing with a good selection including some alternatives, which was nice, and a good night was had by a good crowd (just over a hunrded in fact). Kelvin described it as three great sets. Partly because of their "cold conditions" song selection the dancing was particularly good for partners tonight. I especially enjoyed Same Thing Happened to Me, Heavenly Cha and April Fool. Ted backed the duo very well as usual,  including Damn, Side by Side and Bored.  Birthdays included Bernard Back's, a special one apparently, Tracey was not present to claim the member's prize; Sheila won the door draw and I won an (empty) hanging basket.  News circulated tonight of Lizzie Clarke's sudden death; she was widely loved and respected: indeed Lorna said Lizzie was her rock. Ted had played Dance the Night Away first up in the main disco session: Lizzie's Scotia Samba had been Linedance of the Year in 1998 and many danced it tonight. Dave dedicated Thank You to Lizzie,  as well as Gary, in the second set  and I counted eighty-two dancing to this lovely poignant song.  All too soon The Thrillbillies were playing their encore of Some Girls Will. Some girls will dance the night away of course - and some (old) boys too! All roads lead to the Delphi on (most alternate) Friday nights for a great country music experience.  Check the what’s on page for the upcoming events.

 John Cartlidge

Friday 12th April 2019

Amy Morgan provided our live entertainment tonight with her excellent, powerful voice and good selection of music to suit all tastes, while actively seeking requests as well. Three packed sets saw line dancers filling the floor and partners circulating too, with listeners also delighted. After an introductory First Fool in Line followed by Neon Moon we had plenty of  more recent country hits like Whiskey Under the Bridge, Things and Ride Away, as well as the very recent Veil of Tears, Sangria Sun and her finale numbers Codego and Texas Time.   Ted backed Amy superbly with a good  mixture of songs in his sessions either side of Amy's live stuff. A good crowd totalled  a hundred, including committee. Hetty won three bottles of beer in the raffle, and Doreen was present to claim her £20 member's prize. A good evening finished well past closing time with the final set almost all very up to date songs, although my favourite was Ribbon of Highway (Scooter Lee style). But in truth every song was tip-top!  Check the what’s on page for the upcoming events                     John Cartlidge

Friday 22nd March

Saw the two Rays on stage at the Suffolk Outlaws, the Ray Peters duo.  Ray Phillips playing excellent music on his pedal steel and also providing very good harmonies.  Just to see her smile and love her for a while kicked off the evening.  Line dancers were kept busy all evening with a selection of very new and slightly older songs. We had a decent crowd in tonight with those who were absent missing out on good country music. Peter said it was an excellent night with music to suit all tastes. Had Betty George been present she would have won the £10 members prize, so in three weeks time when Amy Morgan is here on Friday 12th April, it goes up to £20. Derek being away meant that Jean, Colin and Joyce all won draw prizes, get well soon Derek. Over a dozen partner dancers were on the floor for the ever popular Out of Sight.  A warm welcome, large dance floor and a good bar await you all. Supplied by Ted and Jean Munslow.

Friday 8th March 2019

Kevin Barry made his annual, and very welcome, appearance at the Delphi: he was, as ever, on top form and, with his excellent vocal and instrumental skills, he attracted quite a few non- members. His three sets provided great listening and good dancing, although because of competing events we were just short of eighty in attendance, the majority line dancers. Kevin has become steadily more "line dance friendly" over the years: Triple Mix, Lay Low, Places, Gypsy Queen, Tempted and Some Girls Will were typical. I especially enjoyed his banjo numbers at the start of the second and third sets - even if Wagon Wheel and  Locklin's Bar tested the memory! The final set was pretty much all dedicated line dance songs.Marian, one of the (Braintree) Crazy Chicks, did a great job on the country - music disco, standing in at the last moment because of sickness, and inviting requests. Sible Sundowners won a good share of raffle prizes; Daphne's ticket came out first and she choose a pot of flowers (very appropriate in view of her name). Ann F another Crazy Chick won the member's prize of £20 tonight. All too soon it was Kevin's encore of High Class Lady: a brilliant night from a top entertainer!                     John Cartlidge

Friday 22nd February 2019

After a prompt start to the mini-disco session at 7.30, usually old favourites, and including tonight All Day Long (Mr Mom ) we had Billy Bubba King to entertain us. Beginning with Things he packed into his three sets many new and already popular dances like Brokenhearted and Waves of Love and even very new dances like Cherry Bomb and Veil of Tears, alongside the occasional old favourite like Cheap Talk and Lay Low.  With quick links between songs we had good dancing opportunities as well as great listening to his excellent, powerful voice. My personal favourites were Some Girls Will, Codigo and Graffiti.  The crowd of just over eighty all told (competing weekend events and a foggy night) was encouraging in the circumstances. Louises's main disco session matched up to Billy Bubba's high standard: John Dean's version of King of the Road and Doctor, Doctor stood out especially. John Pink won the first raffle prize and three in total; prizes eluded those at  the back of the hall. Bernie announced that Tea Lady Kath is no longer doing hot drinks (but they will continue to be provided). She had been a stalwart of the club: many, many singers have commented how brilliantly they have been supplied with tea and biscuits throughout the evening (which in turn only helps their performance on stage of course.) Kath, you will be missed and a big thank you to you!  It was foggy without, but a great atmosphere within. All road lead to the Delphi on (mainly alternate) Friday nights.              John Cartlidge

Friday 8th February 2019
We welcomed the Keeleys back to Suffolk Outlaws.  A lovely chance to see the father and son duo working together again with lots of banter and some different songs to the norm.  Joe has re-introduced Hillbilly shoes by Montgomery Gentry to the set and performed it very well, the intermediate dancers did Feet Don't Fail Me Now, with the improvers dancing Little Willy at the back.  The floor was filled well for most tracks including Imagine That - a dance written by Honkytonk Cliff.   As always the Keeleys did not fail to fill the floor with champagne promise, damn!, even a re-visit to don't close your eyes!!   We look forward to their next visit to the Delphi.

Friday 25th January 2019

Before the main proceedings Bernie began by asking all present to stand for a minute's silence following the death of Dick French, a well-known long standing member.  Singing for us tonight we had Jim Worton, making his first appearance at the Delphi for (well over) a decade. And it was far too long! His excellent voice and careful music selection provided good listening and dancing; his guitar accompaniment was mostly spot on.  Including plenty of more up to date favourites he made it clear it would be an evening to remember: the first set included Missing, Old and Grey and This is Me.  After Louise's disco session, which provided excellent dancing as ever,  Jim was joined on stage by his partner Carol providing backing vocals.  We had 30 partner dancers and as many line dancers for Love Her for a While with many other songs, like Texas Time, usually filling the floor.  At the end of the second set Carol took the lead herself with What'll keep me out of Heaven. The final set began with Jim on the Mandolin for five songs - for me the musical highlight of the evening - including Margeritaville and Galway Girls. Carol then rejoined Jim for the rest of terrific third set featuring High Class Lady, Tempted and There's No Getting Over Me.  The hundred or so present, including committee, had a great night.   Jim and Carol now live nearby; I hope they will be more frequent visitors in future! John  

Friday 11th January 2019

After the A.G.M. held in record time and resulting in the committee and entrance and membership  costs staying the same we had the excellent Rancher to entertain us. The evening was free to members, and this is the first time I remember our having a duo on the A.G.M. night. What benefit membership brings! Over 80% of our members attended. As always, it was a brilliant three sets from Steve and John, with plenty of recent popular country music hits suiting line and partner dancers, so that we all had plenty to dance to throughout. Songs ranged from Whiskey Under the Bridge, their opener for the first set, to Brokenhearted, which Steve said they were singing for the first time. I especially enjoyed 2 Lane Highway, Talk is Cheap and Sangria Sun. We have an outstanding line-up for the rest of the year, mainly on the second and fourth Fridays - with a dozen solo artists and a dozen or so duos or more. But please stay away UNLESS you like superb live country music, a warm welcome, a large wooden sprung floor, comfy chairs (and tables) all with a good view of the stage, bar, hot drinks, a raffle and clean toilets - did I mention superb country music with a warm welcome? for more details.       John