Suffolk Outlaws UK

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Event Reviews 2019

Friday 22nd March

Saw the two Rays on stage at the Suffolk Outlaws, the Ray Peters duo.  Ray Phillips playing excellent music on his pedal steel and also providing very good harmonies.  Just to see her smile and love her for a while kicked off the evening.  Line dancers were kept busy all evening with a selection of very new and slightly older songs. We had a decent crowd in tonight with those who were absent missing out on good country music. Peter said it was an excellent night with music to suit all tastes. Had Betty George been present she would have won the £10 members prize, so in three weeks time when Amy Morgan is here on Friday 12th April, it goes up to £20. Derek being away meant that Jean, Colin and Joyce all won draw prizes, get well soon Derek. Over a dozen partner dancers were on the floor for the ever popular Out of Sight.  A warm welcome, large dance floor and a good bar await you all. Supplied by Ted and Jean Munslow.

Friday 8th March 2019

Kevin Barry made his annual, and very welcome, appearance at the Delphi: he was, as ever, on top form and, with his excellent vocal and instrumental skills, he attracted quite a few non- members. His three sets provided great listening and good dancing, although because of competing events we were just short of eighty in attendance, the majority line dancers. Kevin has become steadily more "line dance friendly" over the years: Triple Mix, Lay Low, Places, Gypsy Queen, Tempted and Some Girls Will were typical. I especially enjoyed his banjo numbers at the start of the second and third sets - even if Wagon Wheel and  Locklin's Bar tested the memory! The final set was pretty much all dedicated line dance songs.Marian, one of the (Braintree) Crazy Chicks, did a great job on the country - music disco, standing in at the last moment because of sickness, and inviting requests. Sible Sundowners won a good share of raffle prizes; Daphne's ticket came out first and she choose a pot of flowers (very appropriate in view of her name). Ann F another Crazy Chick won the member's prize of £20 tonight. All too soon it was Kevin's encore of High Class Lady: a brilliant night from a top entertainer!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                John Cartlidge

Friday 22nd February 2019

After a prompt start to the mini-disco session at 7.30, usually old favourites, and including tonight All Day Long (Mr Mom ) we had Billy Bubba King to entertain us. Beginning with Things he packed into his three sets many new and already popular dances like Brokenhearted and Waves of Love and even very new dances like Cherry Bomb and Veil of Tears, alongside the occasional old favourite like Cheap Talk and Lay Low.  With quick links between songs we had good dancing opportunities as well as great listening to his excellent, powerful voice. My personal favourites were Some Girls Will, Codigo and Graffiti.  The crowd of just over eighty all told (competing weekend events and a foggy night) was encouraging in the circumstances. Louises's main disco session matched up to Billy Bubba's high standard: John Dean's version of King of the Road and Doctor, Doctor stood out especially. John Pink won the first raffle prize and three in total; prizes eluded those at  the back of the hall. Bernie announced that Tea Lady Kath is no longer doing hot drinks (but they will continue to be provided). She had been a stalwart of the club: many, many singers have commented how brilliantly they have been supplied with tea and biscuits throughout the evening (which in turn only helps their performance on stage of course.) Kath, you will be missed and a big thank you to you!  It was foggy without, but a great atmosphere within. All road lead to the Delphi on (mainly alternate) Friday nights.              John Cartlidge

Friday 8th February 2019
We welcomed the Keeleys back to Suffolk Outlaws.  A lovely chance to see the father and son duo working together again with lots of banter and some different songs to the norm.  Joe has re-introduced Hillbilly shoes by Montgomery Gentry to the set and performed it very well, the intermediate dancers did Feet Don't Fail Me Now, with the improvers dancing Little Willy at the back.  The floor was filled well for most tracks including Imagine That - a dance written by Honkytonk Cliff.   As always the Keeleys did not fail to fill the floor with champagne promise, damn!, even a re-visit to don't close your eyes!!   We look forward to their next visit to the Delphi.

Friday 25th January 2019

Before the main proceedings Bernie began by asking all present to stand for a minute's silence following the death of Dick French, a well-known long standing member.  Singing for us tonight we had Jim Worton, making his first appearance at the Delphi for (well over) a decade. And it was far too long! His excellent voice and careful music selection provided good listening and dancing; his guitar accompaniment was mostly spot on.  Including plenty of more up to date favourites he made it clear it would be an evening to remember: the first set included Missing, Old and Grey and This is Me.  After Louise's disco session, which provided excellent dancing as ever,  Jim was joined on stage by his partner Carol providing backing vocals.  We had 30 partner dancers and as many line dancers for Love Her for a While with many other songs, like Texas Time, usually filling the floor.  At the end of the second set Carol took the lead herself with What'll keep me out of Heaven. The final set began with Jim on the Mandolin for five songs - for me the musical highlight of the evening - including Margeritaville and Galway Girls. Carol then rejoined Jim for the rest of terrific third set featuring High Class Lady, Tempted and There's No Getting Over Me.  The hundred or so present, including committee, had a great night.   Jim and Carol now live nearby; I hope they will be more frequent visitors in future! John  

Friday 11th January 2019

After the A.G.M. held in record time and resulting in the committee and entrance and membership  costs staying the same we had the excellent Rancher to entertain us. The evening was free to members, and this is the first time I remember our having a duo on the A.G.M. night. What benefit membership brings! Over 80% of our members attended. As always, it was a brilliant three sets from Steve and John, with plenty of recent popular country music hits suiting line and partner dancers, so that we all had plenty to dance to throughout. Songs ranged from Whiskey Under the Bridge, their opener for the first set, to Brokenhearted, which Steve said they were singing for the first time. I especially enjoyed 2 Lane Highway, Talk is Cheap and Sangria Sun. We have an outstanding line-up for the rest of the year, mainly on the second and fourth Fridays - with a dozen solo artists and a dozen or so duos or more. But please stay away UNLESS you like superb live country music, a warm welcome, a large wooden sprung floor, comfy chairs (and tables) all with a good view of the stage, bar, hot drinks, a raffle and clean toilets - did I mention superb country music with a warm welcome? for more details.       John