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Event Reviews 2020

Friday 13th March 2020
Friday the 13th unlucky for some but not for us as we have on stage, the smartly dressed Cliff Weston who kicked off his first set with Ride Away.
Several people here despite the virus going around, and Cliff was not Mr Lonely with all the partner and line dancers present this evening.
Only one birthday this month which went to Karen, Tony won the free entry ticket, and Gloria would have won £10 from the membership draw had she been there!
First raffle ticket drawn by Cliff went to John S with Mary C getting the last one.
Bernie then announced that he had just received an email informing him of the closure of the Delphi building, which will be on the 31st of July.  The Suffolk Outlaws began in 1987 so will be 33 years old this coming July. The committee has already begun a hunt for a new venue, lets hope they can find one. Cliff gave us three good sets with a mixture of old  and new.   See you all next time.                                                           Jean Munslow
Friday 28th February 2020
Brought Roots & Wings back to the Suffolk Outlaws, and with 101 members in attendance it was a well attended evening.  The evening opened with Remember When (sorry guys I didn't see this on your playlist), This & That, Swamp Thang and Pot of Gold.  Once the duo started up it was easy to see why these guys are so popular, they played a few variations for run of the mill floor fillers all of which worked well, their list included Playboys, Veil of Tears, Waves of Love, Suds in a Bucket (we may need to re-learn this one - haha) which split well with Easy Come Easy Go, Love Her for a While still proved popular as did a blast from the past Before the Devil, and of course no dance evening is complete without the tribute to Gary Perkins - Thank You.  The member draw of £30 was won by Barry R.
Louise G

Friday 14th February 2020

Saw the return of Amy Morgan, bringing with her, fun, banter and even down and dancing in line whilst singing.  The evening opened with the usual visit to past popular dances such as No More Cloudy Days and Live Laugh Love.  Amy has an inimitable voice and her wide selection of songs shows off her singing to it's best - her repertoire included; All the King's Horses, Down on Your Uppers, Sangria Sun, Lonely Blues and Let it Swing.   All in all with floor splits and a wide variety of tracks the floor was kept nicely busy all evening.  A slightly lower attendance of 80 due to other events on the same evening, but a LOT of red was worn to celebrate St Valentine's!   The members' draw was No:40 Marion F but she wasn't present so it rolled over to next time.  We look forward to seeing Amy again at the club when we find a new venue.                                               Louise G

Friday 24th January 2020
The evening was opened with a couple of requests played by Louise G, the dance floor classic islands in the stream, followed by gone west.  Then for the first time at the Suffolk Outlaws we welcomed Dave Lesley, who travelled all the way from Yorkshire to perform for a crowd of 95, a great turn out for a frosty January evening.   
Dave started with Magic Moon as a tribute to Robbie McGowan, going on to play a wide variety of mainstream dance tracks such as day of the dead, lonely drum, Texas time, people are good.   In the DJ breaks Louise G played graffiti, holding onto yesterday, faithful soul, gone west and Adalaida amongst others.  It was good to see a new artist at the club, Dave plays keyboard as well as guitar, a good all round artist. 
Bernie announced again that no definite dates have been given for the closure of the venue and that he would let members know as soon as there is any definite news.           
Louise G - Pink DJ

Friday 10th January 2020

A warm 2020 welcome to all members & club supporters after the Christmas break - Happy New Year to you. all  The AGM started promptly at 7:30pm, the minutes & accounts for 2019 were published for members’ to view beforehand. The AGM confirmed that, for now, The Suffolk Outlaws will continue at The Delphi until such time as a definitive closure date is given. John Steed confirmed that other venues are being investigated and replies from enquiries to same are awaited.  As it was AGM night there was no warm up dancing with the DJ (Louise G) due to time constraints, once the meeting was adjourned non-members joined us in the dance hall and there were approximately 128 in attendance altogether. 
We were pleased to welcome Kay D for her first solo gig in a year and well my goodness what a voice!!  I personally hadn’t seen Kay D perform before, but had heard all good things, we weren’t disappointed, truly a voice to compete with any recording artist. A brief run through of Kay’s songs is as follows:- Corn Don’t Grow, First Fool In Line, Knee Deep, Heavenly Cha, Cheap Talk, Little Lady Bug, Lay Low, Lonely Drum, Nenagh’s Church (dancers remembered after a wall)! Ribbon of Highway, Somebody Like You, Wishful Thinking, White Rose, Ride Away, This Is Me and People are Good. 
The DJ list included Crystal boot nomination Faithful Soul, as well as Magic Moon and Stitch it Up as tributes to Robbie McGowan-Hickie world renowned choreographer. Next time at Outlaws we have Dave Lesley – I look forward to seeing this artiste for the first time.                Louise G